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Posted by GetCell on May 31, 2011


The GSM version of the Samsung Nexus S may receive access to the just-announced Google Wallet service, but Google will work with T-Mobile to bring the service to market for that phone, according to Google VP of Payments Osama Bedier. Mr. Bedier ruled out circumventing carriers like T-Mobile in bringing Google Wallet – and compatible phones – to market. The GSM Nexus S has the same NFC chip required for Google Wallet as the Nexus S 4G that the service is being trialled with today. Google expressed optimism that more carriers would support Google Wallet soon, and that many more phones would include the necessary NFC chip going forward.

from Google

The new Google Wallet service will be compatible with all current MasterCard PayPass point-of-sale terminals, according to MasterCard Head of Mobile Product Development James Anderson. However, most terminals will require upgrades to handle the single-tap system that can also process coupons and loyalty programs at the same time payment is made. Newer PayPass terminals will require only a software upgrade, while some of the oldest PayPass terminals may need hardware upgrades to support NFC-based Google Offers and store loyalty cards.

from MasterCard

During today’s Google Wallet unveiling, Sprint took the stage for a few moments to talk about its role in the new NFC-based mobile payment system. NFC will first be supported by the Samsung Nexus S 4G Android device, which already has NFC built in. Sprint also said it expects to add more NFC-capable handsets over time, from Samsung, Motorola, and others. “It will take some time to get this [technology] across our lineup,” said the Sprint representative.

from Sprint


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